1. libraryoftheprintedweb:

    Printed Web #2 (full PDF) — share it, download, print it yourself.

  2. libraryoftheprintedweb:

    Printed Web No. 2 includes work from Olia Lialina, James Bridle, Daniel Temkin, Rafaël Rozendaal, Constant Dullaart, John Zissovici, Cheryl Sourkes, Brian Droitcour, Tan Lin, Angela Genusa, Webdriver Torso and Cory Arcangel. 

    Launching at Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair next week.

    Web orders this week! Stay tuned. 

  3. 420 Videos, 2014.

  4. anonymous writing given to me by Pete at Pete’s Hardware

  5. studio

  6. a stone mason’s hands

  8. this morning’s walk