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    A super, new artist’s book by Sabina Fernandez Casas - bringing us a look at the google image search of an internet meme that touched us all - 81 year-old Cecilia Jimenez’s “restoration” of a fresco in the Spanish city of Borja. It is with great pleasure that we post some images of a printed book of a google image search on our tumblr site. - ds 


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    Wind GIF

  5. Larossa Mix (2014, in progress)


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  8. very drunk cop

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    bookdummypress library list for Thank you for Writing at 601 Artspace


    bdp is pleased to be part of the upcoming show “Thanks for Writing” by curating a shelf with other notable art presses at 601 Artspace in Chelsea.

    Thanks for Writing (TFW) aims to explore reading and writing in the contemporary art context via artworks that incorporate or gesture to text.

    This small “library” will be available to the public, please join us for the opening reception and take this great opportunity to check this show.

    Thanks for Writing

    @ 601 Artspace

    601 West 26th St. #1755

    New York, NY 10001

    February 27 – June 14, 2014

    Opening reception: February 27, 6 - 9pm


    bookdummypress selections:

    "10x10 American Photobooks”

    "The Gospel of the Photographer” by Elisabeth Tonnard

    "Enduring Freedom –The Poetry of the President” by  Elisabeth Tonnard 

    "Writing as Practice” by Secretary Press

    "Printed Web #1” by Paul Soulellis 

    "Obituaries” by Gabriel Orozco 

    "Booktrek” by Clive Phillpot 

    "The Global Village: Logos and Marks” by Victor Sira 

    " The Americans List” by Jason Eskenazi 

    "A Hero ain’t Nothing but A Sandwich” by Curtis Hamilton