Movements of a fly on a window between 8 am and 7 pm one day in May, Walter Marchetti, 1967” (via atlasofaffinities via betaknowledge)


Chicken: Chicken Chicken, Doug Zongker (2007)

Installation view of January 5-31, 1969

8.3 Question #4: How does a work work where?

A work is an object overflowing in its frame. Work is an event in which the human participates; the human is an organism that works. A work works when it becomes an event of work. A work works when it becomes human. This becoming occurs when we realize it. Specifically, it occurs when we realize it where it occurs. It occurs inside. We do not need to find a way into a work, since the work is already inside. Instead we realize a work and its harmony with our point of view. Then it and we begin to work, and the play of work begins.

39 microlectures in proximity of performance, Matthew Goulish. 2000.


Library of the Printed Web at LA Art Book Fair, Jan 31 – Feb 2. Opening Jan 30, 6–9pm. The Geffen Contemporary at MoCA. Table F10.