1. Finished my very first alphabet tonight in studio. Letterforms created from 39 Venetian doorbells photographed in San Polo, (from 400 and 800 series numbered doorways only). This is the “Whimsy” part of my project…Romance, Order and Pull are next up. Somehow it all turns into a book. The studio is open all night Friday and then PDFs are handed in by 3:30pm Saturday. Starting to feel really intense. Somehow managing to eat and drink my way through each day even though we’re working hard.

    Traveled via water taxi today to meet with Giorgio Camuffo (ex-Fabrica), who will be one of our guest critics at the final review. Incredibly inspiring. Super simple advice for us: tell us a story. Don’t worry what it looks like. Make it up. It’s all about the story. His studio is spacious, on the water in Guidecca, looking out over the¬†sparkling green lagoon¬†at Venice, with giant framed posters by Bob Noorda, April Greiman, Saul Bass, David Carson.

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